Your data is safe with Gopha

At Gopha, we value the security of your data. We value your trust and safeguard your content with multiple layers of security.

How does Gopha protect my data?

We protect your data in transit and at rest. We do this by storing your data at rest using 256-bit AES encryption on our server and use a secure SSL connection to transmit data between the app and the content server to prevent data theft. Our administration tools also transmit data from your device to the content server using secure SSL.

We do not recommend uploading sensitive information in files such as PDF or images. While this data is transmitted using SSL, it is not encrypted on our server, and is available to anyone with a link.

How does Gopha protect my privacy?

Guarding our users’ privacy is something we take very seriously. We work hard to protect your information from unauthorised access and have designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use and disclosure of your information.

What can I do to protect my account?

Use a strong password that you don’t use for any other service. Monitor and control your account by reviewing your account activity and keeping your administrators and users up to date.

By creating a unique password – and guarding it closely – you’ll help keep your Gopha account safe. When creating a password, we have a password strength estimator to help you test your password.

Deletion recovery and version history

By default, Gopha saves a history of changes for CMS content as well as saving items in the trash, and allows you to restore them for up to 30 days.

Third-party software

Gopha allows third party apps to be housed within the app. For security relating to these apps, you will need to refer to each one individually. Gopha is not responsible for the security or privacy of third party software.

Data Backups

Gopha data is backed up on a regular basis in case of catastrophic failure. These backups are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption on a cloud server. These backups are not intended to be used as recovery for individual profile data.

If a profile administrator requires their own private backups, they are encourage to use the tools we provide for exporting data. The profile administrator will then be responsible for the storage and security of that data.